..... his resonance spectra seem like flying carpets, under which the beats pulsate and the audience goes on a journey .....

Bruno Amstad

The singer and vocal artist Bruno Amstad started singing in various rock, funk and soul bands in the 80s.

Due to a lack of singing teachers in this field, he developed various vocal techniques autodidactic. Experimenting with the voice has become an integral part of Amstad's work.


In the 90s, he discovered his love for improvisation, played in various bands (now more in the jazz field) and began to sound his voice to the limits.

Inspired by ethnic singing from different cultures, Amstad soon developed his own language and thus his unmistakable style.


Amstad is one of the few singers who understand their vocals as well as conventional vocals as an instrument and fully explore the infinite variety of the voice.


Another important element in Amstad's work are the electronics, that he uses in many projects. With live-sampling of the voice, he creates orchestral soundscapes, rich grooves and groaning basses, which become the foundation for his vocal excursions.


- Werkbeitrag city of Luzern


- Anerkennungspreis city of Luzern

- Best Filmmusic (Industryfilm), Filmfestival Locarno


ZKB Jazzpreis


Kulturpreis city of Kriens

Theatermusic | Film

In recent years, Amstad has increasingly played and composed projects such as theater, dance, film and radio plays for scene interleavers.

- Luzerner Freilichtspiele 2007 

- Musikalische Leitung Freilichtspiele Andermatt 2013 

- Cyclope 2012 in Biel, 2014 in Winterthur und Basel

- Theatergesellschaft Malters, Freilichtspiel 2017

- Theater Stockdunkel

- InFlux Tanzkompagnie Bern

- Werkstatt für Theater Luzern


Cyclope, 2014 Basel

Tyfelsbrigg, Freilichtspiele Andermatt 2013

Tyfelsbrigg, Freilichtspiele Andermatt 2013

Cyclope, 2012 Biel



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